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the process of removing unwanted hair from a part of the body by applying wax and peeling off the wax and hairs together.

Waxing, whats all the fuss about ? It's becoming more and more popular by the day. Times are changing and with that new things emerge but we all know there is nothing truly new under the sun ! Ask the ancient Egyptians, they were the leaders in all things beauty including hair removal and yes waxing was one method they used. They even made tweezers from seashells, the ancient Egyptians actually spent most of their beauty rituals removing hair. The more ya know huh !? So let's talk about it and why we are loving it ❤️. Waxing is the removal of hair, there are several methods of waxing.

  1. Soft wax w/ Strips

  2. Hard wax

  3. Sugar waxing

I won't dive into each method with great detail but I will touch on the most common, which is the first 2 methods. Lets begin with soft wax, soft wax is applied to the skin and removed with a wax strip. For several years soft wax was the leading way to remove hair through waxing, this method is still being used and can be effective there are many kinds of soft wax such as Creme wax, Honey Wax, Natural wax. Hard wax is a wax you apply to the skin and wait for it to dry and pull off using the wax itself, its also several kinds of hard wax as well. some with and without resins and polymers. I won't bore you with details lol . Me personally I like both methods and believe they are both effective if used with correct technique.

The Goal

Here's the goal, I'll break it down into 3 W's. When, Why, and Where.


So when do we get waxed sis? We get waxed after reaching the right amount of hair, which is 1/4 of an inch a length of a grain of rice or to make it simple for my clients I like to tell them 3/4 weeks of hair growth. The hair has to be this length because we need to be able to grip the hair for removal. You can't wax stubble and waxing hair that is not at the correct length can cause breakage of the hair which in result can cause ingrown hairs 😣 , damage to the skin and unnecessary pain. I call the first wax a Virgin Brazilian, reason? Because the hair is untrained and has never been removed directly from the follicle. These waxes may take more time to perform because there is more hair present. The hair grows at different rates and patterns due to the persons natural hair growth and prior methods of hair removal. After the first wax you'll come back every 4 weeks, some people can do 4/6 weeks due to the slowed hair growth from waxing which is apart of goal but let your esthetician determine that!


Why should I get waxed, what's in it for me ? Waxing is amazing ! I'm not just saying that because its in my profession, I love it and haven't picked up a razor since. Waxing helps thin the hair out, slow the growth and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs and irritation. It saves you time and money, it reduces odor and helps ultimately with your hygiene. A clean canvas is easier to maintain ! A lot of people start waxing because they're either tired of the constant hassle of shaving, they want to rid themselves of the painful ingrown hairs or they want to improve the appearance of discoloration caused by previous ineffective hair removal methods. (ex. Shaving, Nairing, or Electric trimming).

Why do I need to come every 4 weeks? The point of waxing is to keep you virtually hairless, waxing every 4 weeks keeps the hair on the same growth cycle , thins the hair helps it become trained and uniformed and when you keep up with your waxing and post care each wax becomes less painful, easier and faster. you'll have less skin irritation (if any) and little to no ingrown hairs. its so important to keep up with your waxing and your post care. Getting waxed on time is essential to the four stages of hair growth because we want to get all the hairs on the same stage to have a successful and clean wax. Post care such as no sex for 24 hours, no tanning 24 hours, and exfoliation 2/3 times a week with a proper exfoliation method can make or break your results ! its super important to follow all instruction given by your esthetician. (I will get into this a little more in the video)


Ok! I'm In, but wait where do I go? Alright, I've led you to the water now its time to drink lol when choosing a place to get an intimate wax first things first you want to make sure they're Licensed ! Do not I repeat DO NOT, go to someone who is not licensed that is dangerous for you in more ways than one. you'll also not be legally protected because you went at your own risk and they can't be penalized by a board where they have never been licensed. You want to make sure they're knowledgeable about waxing, your hair and skin type. You want to make sure they're clean and also has your best interest at heart and will do what is best for you and not what's best for the all mighty dollar. Its best to stick to one person so they'll know your needs and how to best service you, I advocate for small business on this topic because small businesses are intimate. Body waxing is an intimate service and experience, you want to know the person whose waxing you and taking care of your needs. Check them out, talk to them and ask questions ( ask questions that are not listed lol ) you want to know that their energy is pleasant. The best place to go in my opinion is of course the one and only Snatched by Alexa ❤️

Thank you for reading part 1 of Waxing 101. Tune into the video below where I get more in detail about waxing, the crazy myths and pre/post care info! I hope you all enjoy, please leave your comments and feel free to ask questions and tell me about more things you want to talk about ! Love you guys and remember confidence breeds beauty.



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